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1. You are young (atleast at heart!), energetic and don’t mind surviving on little or no sleep for a few days. Because Mykonos doesn’t like to sleep and won’t really approve of you sleeping much during your stay either. The town is unique in that you will find people of all ages roaming the streets of it’s extensive market centre at all hours of night; the later it gets, the more people you’ll see. The hairdressers, the shops, restaurants, cafes, are open till atleast 3am. The clubs and bars are open till 6am. Caprice at Little Venice does the most extravagant fruit cocktails – once you get over the initial delight of how elaborately they have been made and how stunning they look, you can enjoy them to some pretty awesome music and a very trendy crowd. If you have it in you to jump up on the bar counter (heels and all) and dance; the bartenders are only too happy to assist you!

2. In my opinion, as far as Europe is concerned, when it comes to fine dining (for a special occassion) you can’t beat the French – not just because of the taste and quality of their food but because of the ambiance they create and the style that the French are naturally blessed with. But for day to day summer meals there is no better place then Greece. The seafood is to die for, as are the salads; their bakeries and sweet dishes also deserve a special mention.

I’d recommend Kounelas Fish Tavern for the most impressive seafood assortment; you’ll be ushered into the kitchen and shown huge drawer-fulls of fish, prawns, lobsters, prawns and shrimps to choose from. They cook it fresh, there and then. Avra is another good restaurant but I’d say the atmosphere and the venue is more impressive then the food. Candle lit, with deep pink bougainvillea and colourful lanterns, it’s probably the prettiest dinner spot in town. Almost a dreamy wonderland of sorts. Oh and you’re in luck if there’s a birthday – the staff put on a top performance and get everyone involved!


Later on, hop over to Gerasimos for apple cake, chocolate pudding and traditional Greek delicacies. Equally amazing is the chocolate pudding at Catarina’s Bar in Little Venice.

3. The architecture is just beautiful; Mykonos is a blue and white fairytale. The boutique hotel we stayed at was Harmony – bang opposite the port, a minutes walk from the town centre. Can’t recommend it enough. If there are hotels in heaven then they probably look like Harmony. And I’m talking about original, unique and classy architecture; not to be compared with the flashy W Hotels of this world. This one is in a class of it’s own.


4. To enjoy luxury beaches with fantastic restaurants and parties. If you had to pick two beaches to go to I’d say Psarou and Paradise are the ones you can’t miss. Nammos on Psarou beach is one of Mykonos’s most well known landmarks. However, there are only 32 taxis in the whole town so be prepared to wait for yours. Unless you rent a car or a bike – that’s probably the best way to get around the island.

5. We loved the quirky and unusual little art galleries sprinkled throughout the town centre. Usually the work of local artists, the running theme in most of their work is the sea, the various shades of blue and the use of vibrant colours. I particularly liked Iaspis for paintings and the House of Art Manuel for some really unusual sculptures. A few of these galleries only accept cash payments. Jewelry shops are in abundance and for the not so creative amongst us, there’s always good old Louis Vuitton and other well known, high end designers.

We are definitely going back! See you there…