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As we are approaching the end of another year, we should be feeling wiser, wealthier, fitter and happier.

Are you?

I’m reflecting. On life in general. Random thoughts – in no particular order!mughal art3

1.  It does pay to be nice afterall. Simply because to most people relationships are what matter most in this world. And everyone wants good people in their lives.

2. Having guts always works out for me.

3. Trying new things, doing new courses etc is not only fun but makes you way more interesting at a dinner party.

4.  Don’t have fixed opinions on anything. Learn to really listen to why people think and feel the way they do.

5. Money does matter. But not pots of it.

6. Don’t miss your best friends weddings.You’ll always remember them.

7. Don’t feel like dressing up to work one morning? Don’t. But then make sure you make up for it the day after.

8. Your relationship with your boss matters. Make it work and enjoy it.

9. Material luxuries work best in small doses. Otherwise, one wouldn’t bother to work or achieve anything in life.

10. Sometimes people talk less, doesn’t mean they don’t have an opinion. Some simply like to collect all their thoughts before they speak. Others believe in actions, not words.

11. The whole thing about first impressions is rubbish. It takes time to really know someone. So giving it time and not getting impressed or disappointed too quickly is a good idea.

12. Sometimes middle management is the worst for no fault of their own; because they don’t have the enthusiasm a of a new starter or the power of the senior management. Everyone has to go through this phase though, so grin and bear it (or them if you are junior).

13. Living in a big city is exciting. No doubt about it. Esp one as vibrant as London. No matter what people say about the weather and the tubes. We’re all here because we love something about it. I pride myself on seeing the best of this city in terms of it’s culture and entertainment; and there’s still so much left to do!

14. Once you cross 25 you really do grow up.  You’ll need to know alot more about someone before you think they are worth the effort it takes to break the routine you have set for yourself in all this time of being single. And that can only come with spending time with someone-the time you don’t have (thanks to your job/your lifestyle/whatever). Sad, but true!

15. Give your newly married friends some space in their first couple of years. The friendship isn’t likely to change; they’ll come back!

16. There really is no place like home. If you don’t live in your home country, no reason not to touch base every now and then. I feel much more happier in general after a trip home.

17. Beautiful people will always get noticed. But smart or kind people will always be remembered.

18. It’s better to be hard working then very smart. If you’re both then the sky is the limit.

19. Resilience is a rare quality. Appreciate those who have it.

20. Grandparents are special. I’m so glad I spent as much time with them as I did.

21. Sometimes really good people can make big mistakes too. Judge them based on how they overcome the situation.

22. Everyone’s definition of success is different. This one has taken me a bit of time to understand.

23. Whether you are English, Chinese, Indian, African or whatever; at the end of the day you can always find something in common with everyone. Sometimes it just takes a little longer to find it.

24. Exercise will always make you feel better about yourself. Do it even if you think you don’t need to.

25. The most energetic amongst us are the most blessed.

26. People who can horse ride will always have an edge over those who can’t. There is something very grand about it all.

27. Babies and puppies always bring happiness. Good idea to have both, atleast once in a lifetime!

28. There is no substitute for doing work/a job you love. Think about it. Any role models you have have earned that place because of what they do; so do something you enjoy. Whatever it might be.

29. Good hair and good shoes are a killer combination.

30. Do go on holiday with your closest friends, you’ll come back feeling like a new person.

31. Ladies, shoes or a bag? If you have a choice always go for shoes.  The bag doesn’t enhance your face or your body – shoes do.

32. Looking good always gets attention temporarily, but it will not make someone fall in love with you. That is another matter altogether. Fortunately. Unfortunately?

33. Relationships are hard work; so it’s a good idea to go for someone who is used to working hard in life.

34. The average human lives up to 80 now; so for all those who are 30 and single – you will still have 40-50 years with a husband/wife potentially, depending on when you do get married. So chill, I think that’s plenty of time to spend with one person!